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The easy way to get rid of your paper forms.

Everbody knows them: stacks of those 20-someting-page inspection reports that need to be manually entered into your data-entry tool of choice. Upformer can remove this hassle by digitizing all your complex forms and output something you can directly use.

  1. Upload your form directly to us via your dashboard. You will be notified when your Upformation is done.
  2. We will digitize your form for you according to your specific needs
  3. Now you are ready to start you data entry on any device
  4. Easily manage, view or export any of your documents

Time to digitize all your paper forms.

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PDF export

All filled out forms can be easily exported to a PDF-file

Camera upload

Use your tablet's or smartphone's camera to add photos to your form

Offline mode

You can use Upformer.com on tablets and smartphones even when no internet connection is available

Custom styles

We can add your logo and corporate branding to each of your forms and PDF's

Repeatable questions

Create repeated groups of questions. Handy when asking personal data of a group of people

Email alerts

We'll notify you when someone completed your form


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  • 3 Users
  • 100 Monthly responses
  • Basic Reports
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  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Monthly responses
  • Advanced Reports
  • Offline Mode
  • Camera Upload
  • Email Alerts
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